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Mark Williams' Gallery

With characteristic Williams-esque humour, the artist's first one-man show at Newport's GPF Gallery was given the title 'It's not unusual', a reference to the Tom Jones song, one of the unofficial national anthems of Wales; only Williams gave this an ironic twist by adding the subtitle: "It's not unusual, bu then again it is."

"I had selected everyday mundane things as subject matter" he explained. "Seeming unpromising material, such as tumbledown sheds, allotment gardens, electricity pylons and imbibed them with something so that the ordinary becomes extraordinary"

His paintings of Newport on a dreary rain-soaked afternoon look anything but bleak because of the vibrant oranges, blues and greens with which he infuses his work.

"Mark Williams is quite simply a phenomenon. He is able to juggle humour and pathos in a way which is truly remarkable. Involved with the art world for a quarter of a century, rarely have I stumbled across such an unknown wonder, a treasure. I believe his work to be of international significance".
GPF gallery owner Janet Martin

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